It is fashionable again
to bring
the outside
in. And to photograph
what it is doing there.

aligned              more    than             alive

                                      zizzling  fern    nude on   virgin  white tiles

                                      monstera          shadowtease     at sunset

                                      ceilings drip      with pearls       and hearts

                                      aligned              more    than              alive

(we could have been cinematographers, organigasmic verdure pornographers.)

In the future: deleting a clematis brings down the pergola.
interdependent, you see. interdependency has hidden histories
and that puts you at a disadvantage (where you always were).
no surprise there — most people pick the pergola over the plant.

In the future: deleting

                         you see. interdependency

                                                                has hidden.

              puts you

                                                         where you always     

    (surprise)                                   pick t he

                                                                per go


For the Route 57 ‘Environs’ issue

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